Where do the minerals in your cell phone come from? “Over there,” right? Where does that phone really end up, after you toss it in the trash or recycling? “Away?”

Too many of us live in the myth that there is somewhere called “over there” or when we no longer see something it’s “away.” This myth originated from a time when the world was bigger than the human view and when humans had limited contact with the other side of the planet. It was a time when “over there” was very far “away.” …

Report from the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, 2020 (based on 2019 data).

Most people assume California or Hawaii have the cleanest electric grids. It turns out that Idaho is #1 for Clean Energy, based on 2019 data published in a report by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy.

Yep, you read that right — Idaho has the cleanest electric grid in the United States, surpassing Vermont in 2019. This first-place position is further secured by a 20-year solar power purchase agreement that Idaho Power, Idaho’s largest utility, secured in 2019 for 120 MW of power at 2.2 cents per kWh.

But what does the “cleanest grid” actually mean? It means that within…


Do you know how money is created?It’s okay. Most people don’t. Very few understand how money creation really works. We may have learned in school that the US Treasury prints money and that’s it. The amount of money printed is only a small fraction of the money in circulation. The true story of money is much bigger and more complex.

Most of us have never questioned how money is created or how it drives our economy. We never question why our economic structure is the way it is. Most people are taught that there are only two economic options: capitalism…

As a healer or teacher, you are being given the great honor of trust. Your client/students entrust you with their energy, their bodies, their minds and well-being. Whether you like it or not, as a healer or teacher you are in a position of power.

Because you have power, you have a responsibility to honor this trust and uphold the integrity of your position — not just for your clients and students but for other healers and teachers as well. Violating the boundaries (spoken or unspoken) is a violation of consent and destroys trust. The impacts of this aren’t just…

I can’t pinpoint when exactly it happened, but it was sometime in 2007 when I stopped being a victim of sexual harassment in my professional life. Yes, I still get an occasional cat call on the street or an obnoxious ass grab in a nightclub — that type of harassment will probably continue until we have a massive cultural awakening. Like many other women in work environments around the world, I was seen and treated as someone that others could take advantage of, make comments about or degrade in a sexually objectifying way.

However, in 2007, it all changed. It…

My Big Shameful Secret

I have been ashamed to admit something huge. Something I’ve been hiding. Something I don’t want anyone to know. I do a good job hiding it, masking it, pretending that it’s not there — even from myself. Most people would be shocked if they knew. “Really, her? But she is so smart, educated and put together!” My clever, self-reliant facade is masking something lurking underneath — something hiding in the background. I’ve intellectualized it, studied it, and analyzed it, so as to distance my feelings around it, convincing myself that it doesn’t exist.

But the truth…

Escaping Rape in 2015

Last night, on New Year’s Eve, an intoxicated young man tried to assault me. When he said, “I am going to hurt you” and reached to grab me, I neither felt afraid or angry. My animal instincts and years of self-defense training took over. My senses became heightened. I could see, hear and smell everything with precision. I felt clear and focused. I felt powerful as I weighed my options: I could run, I could fight, or I could scream (although any screams would probably would be confused with New Year’s parties.

I ran. I ran as fast as I…

Amber D. Bieg

Entrepreneur, writer, artist, thinker — topics: Sustainability, money, gender & power

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